A downloadable game for Windows

Try to deliver 1,000 donuts to a hungry neighborhood.

Press the arrow keys or w, a, s, d to move.

  • Get your fill of fish by moving near the fish stores.
  • Pick up donuts to deliver by moving near the donut stores.
  • Move near the houses that are demanding donuts to deliver donuts.
  • Run out of fish and you will lose.
  • Deliver 1,000 donuts to win.

Install instructions

On Windows, you can download the .zip file (32 bit) and extract it. Once extracted, double click on the .exe file. For other OSs, you can install Lua LOVE and use it to run the .love file (untested).


CatDonutCourier-x86.zip 3 MB
CatDonutCourier.love 9 kB

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